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498 FUN

by Hank Fuzz

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Recorded at The Mansion + 4201


released December 30, 2013

Harryson Milne: Drums
Crazy Baggins Poltruck: Other Shit
Artem Vyecheslavovich Potemkin: Vocals Track 7



all rights reserved


Hank Fuzz Chicago, Illinois

two brains that grew eerily similar

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Track Name: Mansion Song 1
I tread on broken glass
where your ghost has become the past.
Gleaming in the sunset machines
will she call on a tuesday
or will I have to wait
for half the response that I want
in silence.
Well you can fly
so fly away
to all of those mystics today.

I only cower alone.
No one likes their broken telephone.

When poor god starts crying
we all rush out to go buying
in a battlefield
we all like to call home.

I sold myself my agitation as the purest elation
why can’t everyone feel as shitty as me.
I sold myself myself my anxiety inside a cryptic key
is it true that everyone’s as stupid as they seem?
Track Name: Mansion Song 2
And in the hallway of temporary past
There you sit staring at metallic glass
Ms. Maude pours us the wine
and everything is going fine

Is calling from the outside.
The sires.
Are giving you life.
Concrete cannot breathe.
Concrete cannot breathe.

Sorry, I don’t believe in
magic or chemistry
and all these plastic things.
I’m fine with the trees.

And if you want me to stay
Maybe stop thinking I’ll come back again some day.
If you need the leaves to fall
or do you want to live in a dusty ball?
Track Name: Acoustic Interlude
Lyrical content eternally unavailable.
Track Name: Mansion Song 3
What I want, what I want
Is no more love in my dreams.
What I need, what I need
is no more plastic coated ecstasy.

You, ain’t gonna stop me
from being on the big screen.
from being on the big screen.
from being on the big screen.
Track Name: Mansion Song 4
Oh my god,
is it time to go back home
inside a real childhood memory?
You’ve been gone
for too long to know what’s real
or what’s fake.

To know the truth,
of what I’ve been feeling
for so long.
It’s feels like ages
since you’ve been
in my arms.

I’ve been trying
to describe the words
inside my mind
like a speechless candidate.

Thoughts that never end.
Hitting all dead ends.
Behind my naked mind.
The young they start to die.
Give me one more smack.
For bleeding flags left cracked.
By the restaurant just closed.
No one hears its notes.

Yes it just closed.
and i’m going with it
into the history man’s eye.
Track Name: Mansion Song 5
You don’t know what you’re missing in the west now baby.
We are more than a caucus of hate, friend.
Listen to all this shit floating around your head, don’t think it’s time you take a break.
Get a drink or five, stand around and talk, listening’ to nothing that nobody said.
No one gives a fuck, cause everyone’s a crook, standing around and trying to impress one another.
Yeah, i’m sorry.
Yeah I wanna apologize,
for not being interested in your
neutral existence.
And now i’m at this rave, dancing like I’m crazed, surrounded by a bunch of drugged up kids.
All standing around “Peace, Love and Respect!”
Anyone with two eyes can see they’re as phoney as phoney gets.
Babbling away on wine from grapes that don’t grow on vines, they’ll see that future is null.
Get some therapy, remove the friends you see, kill the cell phone,
and finally be happy,
Track Name: Mansion Song 6
There comes an end in everything.
It’s about finishing but how fast you sink.
So open up your eyes and watch all your friends.
Cause we all know they’ll all beat you to the end.

Go, go, go, go here come the racers,
trying to impress with their blazers.
They don’t know that we don’t got no stock
in this stupid system or own a clock.

And now you’re drawing
false conclusions
upon a separate action
the story
is not even over
she has not spoken,
you’re dying for an ending
but you’ll have to die
before you can touch one.

So I guess this is the end my friend
of the record not of life, amen.
Now it’s time to get other shit done,
maybe even beat off to 498 fun.